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Antonio Della Cioppa

  Assistant professor

  Affiliation: Department of Electrical and Information Engineering
  Location: room 286
  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  Phone: +30 089 96 4255


Physics Degree, Applicative Cybernetics course, University of Naples ``Federico II''.
EU Fellowship, National Research Council of Italy.
Ph.D. in Prebiotic Evolutionary Models and Evolutionary Machine Learning, Department of Computer Science and Systems, University of Naples ``Federico II''.

Professional Affiliations
Associate Editor of Journal of Artificial Evolution and Applications, EvoNet Member, AI*IA Member, ECCAI Member, Member of the GECCO Program Committee, Member of the CEC Program Commitee.

Research Activities
To understand the full potential of life in the universe it is necessary to go beyond our specific example and establish the general physical and chemical principles that lead to the emergence of the primary attributes of the living state: auto-catalysis, self-organization, spatial containment of functions, reproduction and evolution. This can be done by combining experimental and theoretical (computational) approaches, in which the fundamental principles governing biological organization of matter can be tested by constructing new biomimetic systems that possess the main attributes of a living state. My interests are in studying the process of evolution. I am particularly interested in:
  • general models of evolution describing some informational and cybernetic aspects of evolution. These models describe mathematically some hypothetical evolutionary stages of prebiotic self-reproducing macromolecular systems,
  • Artificial Life evolutionary models aimed at understanding of the formal laws of life and evolution. These models analyze the evolution of artificial "organisms", living in computer-program worlds,
  • applied evolutionary models, which use evolutionary methods of optimization to solve practical problems. The Genetic Algorithm by J.H. Holland, the Evolutionary Programming initiated by L. Fogel et al. and the Genetic Programming initiated by J. Koza, are well-known examples of these researches.

Current Research Interests

Prebiotic Evolution, Darwinian Dynamics, Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Life, Machine Learnig, Complex Systems.

International Books

  • I. De Falco, R. Del Balio, A. Della Cioppa e E. Tarantino, “Investigating a Parallel Breeder Genetic Algorithm on the Inverse Aerodynamic Design” in Lecture Note in Computer Science 1141 – Parallel Problem Solving from Nature IV, H. M. Voigt, W. Ebeling, I. Rechenberg e H. P. Schwefel (Eds.), Springer–Verlag, 1996, ISSN: 0302–9743. pp. 982–991.
  • I. De Falco, A. Della Cioppa, P. Natale e E. Tarantino, “Artificial Neural Networks Optimization by means of Evolutionary Algorithms”, in Soft Computing in Engineering Design and Manifacturing, P. K. Chawdhry, R. Roy and R. K. Pant (Eds.), Springer–Verlag London Limited, 1998, London, United Kingdom, ISBN: 3–540–76214–0, pp. 3–12.